HPB Birth Place
HPB Birthplace

Lodges (in alphabetical order)

Blavatsky Lodge, Vancouver, BC
President: Maryse DeCoste (

La Montagne du Cerf, Val-David, QC 
Président: Jeanne-Louise Dufresne (

Les Montagnes Bleues, Magog, QC 
Président: Josée Dorval (

Satya Lodge, Montreal, QC 
President: Benoit Raymond ()

York Lodge, Toronto, ON
President: Jennifer Hay ()

Study Centres (in alphabetical order)

Lux Study Centre, Calgary, AB Group Secretary:
David Sztain (

Veritas Study Centre, Calgary, AB Group Secretary:
Svetlana Riddell (

Theosophical Order of Service

Anyone interested in learning more about the Theosophical Order of Service should contact David Sztain at